Save Your Breath – dive and hunt for longer!

  It has taken a long time to get here, but at last, I’m pleased to announce the release of my book “Save Your Breath”. Improve your air consumption. Get longer dive times. Customers have been suggesting for years that I write this book because I’m regularly suggesting tips for how to improve their air consumption and a lot of them have really benefited, and enjoy their vacations so much more. With the help of … Continue reading

Lionfish eaten by a grouper

With a little help from a big friend you will see in the video below a Nassau grouper eating a small healthy lionfish. Sorry about the sound – you may want to mute that. However, if you want to hear the reaction of the diver keep it on a low volume. The actual eating part takes place near the end of the video, at 2:20 into the video. The video was taken recently by a … Continue reading

Lionfish hunting and sharks

When I first came to the east end of Grand Cayman in July 2007 we did see the odd Caribbean Grey Reef shark, but they were always off in the distance. I would take a group of customers diving and the divers near the front with me would be the only ones who saw it, and then only for the briefest of moments. However, on some of our deep wall sites here on the east … Continue reading

Lionfish – a group shooting strategy

Have you ever swam up to an area completely covered in lionfish and thought LOTTERY WIN? Or if you haven’t got a polespear then you probably thought NIGHTMARE! Here in Grand Cayman we have a lot of rock structures mainly in the form of a mini wall somewhere between about 25 / 30 ft deep going down to about 50 / 55 ft deep. This is where I do most of my hunting and sometimes … Continue reading

Lionfish hunting. My top 15 hunting tips

Top 15 lionfish hunting tips

I have been catching lionfish since 2009. I do this from dive boats and some shore diving. The majority of the time I use air (sometimes Enriched Air) and I mainly only dive to approximately 60 feet where the mini wall is here in Cayman. Having caught over 10,000 lionfish, these are my top 15 tips for catching lionfish with a pole spear. Lionfish hunting. My top 15 hunting tips SAFETY FIRST.  Go with a buddy … Continue reading

How to catch lionfish with nets

Top 10 tips for how to catch lionfish with nets.

Before our local Department Of Environment licensed us to use spears, we used to catch lionfish with nets. Back in 2009 when lionfish first came to the east end of Grand Cayman they were smaller on average, and nets were the perfect tool to catch them. I actually caught about 470 lionfish with nets in those early years, and since then I have caught many more. For many many months originally we would just see one small … Continue reading