Lionfish fighting it out like Mike Tyson

Since 2009 when lionfish came to Grand Cayman I have dived with them many times with or without my pole spear. Most of the time I see a single lionfish trying to hide itself somewhere on a mini-wall. Or I see one hanging around pointing its tail and therefore spines in my direction. Or I see a whole group together, my record for that is about 17 together in one small area. I am led to believe in all the reading up I have done that when groups of lionfish are together it is normally one male and his harem of females, like a cockerel and his hens. As the males and females all look identical it is impossible for a normal diver to tell whether a lionfish is male or female.

However, these lucky divers have seen lionfish doing something very different to the norm, they have seen lionfish fighting it out like Mike Tyson. Here are 4 videos for you to check out.




And this is “Fight Night” with the divers lights illuminating all the action.

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Watch these lionfish fighting it out, like Mike Tyson!

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Hi my name is Nigel Coles. I used to live in Bristol, England but after a change in direction we moved overseas to work in the scuba diving industry. After a time in Thailand, for the last 8 years I have been living with my wife Deby, in the East End of Grand Cayman, The Cayman Islands. I’m a dive instructor, working for Tortuga Divers, part of the Red Sail group. I spend my day on dive boats, training students and taking our guests on dive trips. It’s a hard life but someone has to do it

2 Responses to Lionfish fighting it out like Mike Tyson

  1. Scott says:

    I don’t understand why any were left alive

    • The problem we have here in Cayman is not the same as in other parts of the world. The lionfish here are invasive and need to be removed. There they are controlled by natural predators.