Save Your Breath – dive and hunt for longer!

  It has taken a long time to get here, but at last, I’m pleased to announce the release of my book “Save Your Breath”. Improve your air consumption. Get longer dive times. Customers have been suggesting for years that I write this book because I’m regularly suggesting tips for how to improve their air consumption and a lot of them have really benefited, and enjoy their vacations so much more. With the help of … Continue reading

Cleaning lionfish

Have you ever wondered how you can remove all the 18 venomous spines from a lionfish? Well I’ve produced a short video showing me removing the spines from three lionfish. For cleaning lionfish you will need a good pair of sharp tin snips and some puncture proof gloves – see my other post Puncture proof gloves for lionfish hunting. It is always a good idea to wear a pair of puncture proof gloves while handling lionfish … Continue reading

Puncture proof gloves for lionfish hunting

It is very important to protect your hands from being stung by lionfish whether you are catching them underwater or you are removing their spines on the surface. I have been reviewing all the possible puncture proof gloves that are available on Amazon. Here are some of the best puncture proof gloves that you can buy today. I have paid special attention to price, spine resistance, comfort, the ones that received the best reviews and … Continue reading

Lionfish hunting and sharks

When I first came to the east end of Grand Cayman in July 2007 we did see the odd Caribbean Grey Reef shark, but they were always off in the distance. I would take a group of customers diving and the divers near the front with me would be the only ones who saw it, and then only for the briefest of moments. However, on some of our deep wall sites here on the east … Continue reading

Thermal-electric heater for sting treatment

Anyone who has suffered a lionfish sting knows that it hurts like hell. And sometimes hot water is not always available, or there isn’t enough for the long journey home to reduce the pain. Well technology has come to the rescue in the form of a gadget to help ease that suffering. Thermal-electric heater for sting treatment A portable battery operated heating and cooling device which is ideal for treating lionfish stings. Since the lionfish … Continue reading

Lionfish hunting. My top 15 hunting tips

Top 15 lionfish hunting tips

I have been catching lionfish since 2009. I do this from dive boats and some shore diving. The majority of the time I use air (sometimes Enriched Air) and I mainly only dive to approximately 60 feet where the mini wall is here in Cayman. Having caught over 10,000 lionfish, these are my top 15 tips for catching lionfish with a pole spear. Lionfish hunting. My top 15 hunting tips SAFETY FIRST.  Go with a buddy … Continue reading

Lionfish stings – first aid and treatment

It is said by those who know personally, that it really is not very nice at all to be stung by a lionfish. I have seen a number of my colleagues get stung and they were in agony. Their faces were contorted in pain. The lionfish venom itself is contained in glandular tissues that are located in the grooves of the spines. As the spine enters a victim the sheaf is pushed back which allows … Continue reading

Are lionfish safe to eat?

Are lionfish safe to eat? Cleaning the day's catch on the dock after our lionfish hunt.

On a Tuesday and Thursday afternoon when I return to the Morritts dock from the twice-weekly lionfish hunt on our work dive boat (Tortuga Divers), tourists regularly find me on the dock sorting out the afternoons catch. They normally ask me these 3 questions in this order: What type of fish are those? Are lionfish safe to eat? Can I buy some? So, are lionfish safe to eat? Well the answer to the question “Are … Continue reading