Thermal-electric heater for sting treatment

Anyone who has suffered a lionfish sting knows that it hurts like hell. And sometimes hot water is not always available, or there isn’t enough for the long journey home to reduce the pain. Well technology has come to the rescue in the form of a gadget to help ease that suffering.

Thermal-electric heater for sting treatment


A portable battery operated heating and cooling device which is ideal for treating lionfish stings. Since the lionfish venom is protein based, heat is the most effective treatment for neutralizing the effects of the venom. This device is capable of quickly providing a surface temperature of 117 degrees Fahrenheit (will not burn the skin) on the round metal plate which can be applied to the area of the sting for fast and effective relief. The device can be used to heat to 117 or cool to 42 degrees Fahrenheit in cases where a person is overheating, or simply for applying a cold compress for treating injuries.

The unit comes with a charging cord and two straps for securing to the body if desired. Features two heating temperatures (111 and 117 F) and two cooling temperatures (48 and 42 F). With its compact size of 5.5″ Long by 3″ Wide by 1.5″ High this portable device is easy to carry on any dive trip and able to provide immediate relief for lionfish stings. Effective battery life is approximately 2-4 hours (longer on heating than cooling mode). Great for home medical use and as a portable heating/cooling device for treating many other injuries as well! Weighs in at 3 lbs.

Check out the Glacier Heat lionfish sting treatment here

Has anyone tried this new gadget out yet? I’d love to get some feedback on how well it works. On how long that battery works for?


If you don’t want to go for the techie gadget then how about the reusable hand warmer? At 3″ x 5″ it is the perfect size for laying against a lionfish sting for immediate relief. Can be carried on a dive or kept in the dive bag for whenever it’s needed. With the push of a button the HotShotz heat pack will instantly crystallize and heat up to 130 degrees right before your eyes.

It will continue to generate heat anywhere from one hour to two hours depending on the size of the heat pack and how well you insulate it. Now you can have instant soothing heat anytime anywhere.

Easily recharged by placing the pack in boiling water for 5-10 minutes then letting it cool. Your pack is then ready for another use!

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  1. Lee Deavers says:

    I wish I could get unlimited quantities at $2.00\Lb.

    What is the wholesale price now.

    • When I sell to Restaurants here on Cayman they give me $5ci ($6.25us) per pound with me just having to de-spine them. No-one here on Cayman really sell lionfish to the public for them to take home and cook.