Are lionfish safe to eat?

Are lionfish safe to eat? Cleaning the day's catch on the dock after our lionfish hunt.

On a Tuesday and Thursday afternoon when I return to the Morritts dock from the twice-weekly lionfish hunt on our work dive boat (Tortuga Divers), tourists regularly find me on the dock sorting out the afternoons catch. They normally ask me these 3 questions in this order: What type of fish are those? Are lionfish safe to eat? Can I buy some? So, are lionfish safe to eat? Well the answer to the question “Are … Continue reading

How to catch lionfish with nets

Top 10 tips for how to catch lionfish with nets.

Before our local Department Of Environment licensed us to use spears, we used to catch lionfish with nets. Back in 2009 when lionfish first came to the east end of Grand Cayman they were smaller on average, and nets were the perfect tool to catch them. I actually caught about 470 lionfish with nets in those early years, and since then I have caught many more. For many many months originally we would just see one small … Continue reading